No Einstein, but how do I improve SEO for my Online Store

I do not know how many times I have come across this type of question, or something similar to the following.

I really cannot get my head around SEO & related matters for my Shopify store. I’ve googled, joined webinars, read countless blogs, you name it, I’ve done it, it just goes completely over my head.

Here are a few ideas that might just help.

Split the task into multiple tasks.

Work on your SEO project from 2 different directions. Start with the structure of your data. How the categories are organized and laid out along with where you are adding links back to the categories and additional content. Then start working on your key-wording and content. It would never make good sense to have a primary keyword of “Peel & Stick Wall Plank” on a single product page on your site, instead, you should have that focus keyword on the category of Wall Planks.

Research, Research, Research

Know where you stand with your competitors. Know where you want your pages to show, and most important, know what your viewers are searching. It will do you no good if your page show up for “Underwater writing apparatus” if your buying viewers are all searching for “Ball Point Pen”

There are many tools out there for you to review the keywords that work.

Now that your data is well structured and you have a really good idea about the keywords that you want to use, start sprinkling the keywords in your content. Add a few internal linking within your own site with those keywords as well. Something similar to using “web design Indianapolis” and having it link back to the appropriate page on your site.

Last but not least is that you want others to talk about you as well. It is not a build it and they will come type of situation. You want to have a Blog post that links back to you, you want influencers linking back to you and you want your customers linking back to you if you can get them to. Remember that you have friends that have sites as well, be willing to talk about their site on yours and vise versa.

SEO is not something that will be completed in a day, it takes time and energy just link the rest of your online store, but the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.