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Online shopping is changing every day. We as designers and developers no longer need to work through all of the backend code to create a beautiful and well-designed site. All we need is to set our clients up with an account at Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, LemonStand or many others. The problem with this direction is that we no longer set our clients apart from their competitor because we have so many other competitors. This always leads back to “Content is King”. One of our clients has a unique way to help online stores stand apart from the crowd.

PhotoSpherix is a 360 product photography studio based out of the midwest that creates stunning interactive views of products for display on websites and e-commerce sites. Wow, that was a mouth full, what they really do is give online viewers a way to virtually hold a product in their hands while viewing a website. They make those spinning product displays that we all see in other stores.

The staff at PhotoSpherix has put together a listing of the 5 Common misconceptions about 360 photography. In this article, they talk about the good and the bad of this style of photography.

  • The Costs
  • How hard is it
  • How to find a 360 studio
  • What is the turn-around time
  • Do customers use the technology
PhotoSpherix -a revolution in photography


Website: PhotoSpherix

PhotoSperix provides 360 degree product photography to organizations in the high technology, retail, health care, financial, and academic sectors, in order to visually tell a story of their varying products, collections and services.